West Oly Farmer’s Market Opening Day Was A Smash!












The opening day of the West Olympia Farmer’s Market was last Tuesday from 4-7 pm. and it was a big success!  It was an exciting blend of two very dedicated groups getting together and making something work well. The Market will open every Tuesday from 4-7 all the way into October.  Parking was and will be available on Cushing, Milroy and Decatur and most market goers were happy to walk to the market from a few blocks away.  More signage will be provided at future markets to help with pedestrian and vehicle traffic flow.  At least half of the market patrons walked in from their homes and they came to shop for salad, baked goods, seafood, herbs and spices, organic chicken and pork, eggs, raw kefir beverages, fresh sauerkraut, mushrooms, soup and more! Every second Tuesday of the month will also be crafters day and craft tents will pop up in the grassy areas of the park on those afternoons. The Park is centrally located with a convenient bus shelter on its north side and is very pedestrian and bike friendly. Come get your groceries  from the freshest source every Tuesday from 4-7 at the West Central Park!



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