Work Parties, Board Meetings, and Jubilee Photos

…oh my!

Our first bit of news is that there will be no work party this Sunday.  As a general rule, we’ll not have work parties on the week after an event to give our volunteers a break after the very work-intensive process of setting up and tearing down for a major event.  Weekly work parties will resume the following week, and you can keep updated by checking out our calender.

Another exciting piece of news is that the Board of Trustees will be holding its first formal meeting Thursday, July 4.  We’ll be drafting the first policies for the park and shoring up our membership process.  Once we’ve taken these initial steps, it will be much easier to incorporate new members and keep the park going strong for this and future generations to enjoy.

Finally, as promised, more photos from the June Jubilee!

pic5 modified pic8 modified IMG_0614 IMG_0621 IMG_0627 IMG_0633 IMG_0647

(Photos by Daniele Pfeifer and Chad Law)