Work Party November 27 11-1, Parkside Cafe and Food Court Update!



Hey there WCP Crew!

Big huge thanks to all who came out last Sunday and got a lot of work done. Our two biggest tents 15’x15′ and 12’x12′ were successfully clean and dried and put away, and two more 10’x10′ were scrubbed and hung to dry. Tomorrow November 27th’s Sunday work party at West Central, from 11-1, will feature more of the same! We will also be focused on using a big jack to remove the 4’long tent stakes that are still in the ground in the permaculture garden. Come on out for an hour or two and help us keep this corner the loveliest it can be.

Now that the Parkside Cafe Land Use application has met with initial approval, plan sets are being completed and turned in for the building permits. The Parkside Cafe’s new use includes a three truck food court and a commissary kitchen in the cafe building. The second floor will be the manager’s apartment and the top floor, a public roof garden. The Cafe is being designed with a care toward the historic architecture next door and further down the same block. The Victorian flair that this area already enjoys will be carried further with the design of this new commercial building. Plans are currently to establish a vegan cafe that will share the kitchen with the food truck operators. The food truck court will be leased by the West Central Park then in turn the Park will lease the spaces to food truck operators. Opening will be expected one year from now.

The West Central Park’s mission is to create a green, public, open space that can foster the recreational, educational and creative needs of the surrounding community. The Park’s vision, is for a green, walkable neighborhood and a resilient connected community. Will you share that vision with us?