Work Party Sundays!

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Every Sunday morning  at West Central Park starting at 10 am, volunteers gather to take care of the community space. Any where from 5 to 15  folks arrive ready for nearly any project and there have been a variety of projects over the past nearly two years of Sunday work parties.  Sunday Volunteers have tackled jobs from weeding, mowing and pruning,  to building, digging and masonry too.  If you can help we NEED your help! This Park is owned by the West Central Park Project, a 501c3 Non profit, dedicated solely to creating a community green space that can offer us all a neighborhood place to gather, share, learn and simply to be a space to momentarily quiet your mind in a garden, amid the fray.  The Sunday Work Parties are a connection to the community that is very important the Park’s mission and one that the WCP Board will stand by for a long time to come.  Come be a part of this exciting transformation on an urban Westside Olympia corner near you.

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